Rodolf Hervé French, 1957-2000


Rodolf Hervé was born in Paris 2 May 1957. He started taking photos quite young and was only nineteen at the time of his first major exhibition in Paris in 1976 in the Olympic Entrepôt premises. There Frédéric Mitterrand organized an exhibition of his abstract photographs. After his studies he worked in a printing firm and as of 1975, for the international architectural magazine called Le Carré Bleu. In 1989, at the time of the centennial of the Eiffel Tower's construction, his series of photographs of the monument was published in a portfolio. He left Paris in 1990 to settle in Hungary where the same year he was presented to the public with a one-man exhibition at the Musée Vasarely. The exhibition was crowned with success. Thanks to his talent, to his way of thinking, to his "eye" close to that of the surrealists, to the wealth of his imagination and to his rebellious nature, he quickly became one of the determining figures of the Hungarian underground. His performance presented in 1990 at "Tilos az A" with the French group Résonances, as well as the musical performance "Viragvasarnap" (Blossoming Easter) presented at the same place in 1993 and "Dobszerda" (Wednesday Drum) remain memorable events. In 1991, he participated in the occupation of the future "Trafohaz" (House of the Transformer) and became a founding member of the action group called "Nulladik Kilometer" (Zero Kilometer). A multi-faceted artist, he created remarkable works in almost every area of the visual arts (photography, film, video, collage, painting, electrographic work). His video films of great documentary importance?like Tramway n. 6 le Soir (a group work) or at the Agora Festival '92 on Fö Square in Budapest, the Kiraly Tamas Birthday Party organized at the "Zanzibar"?are above all works that reflect their times with frank sincerity and at the same time a touching human sensitivity. The parallel use of the computer and the recorder preoccupied him already early in the 1990s. His graphic work on paper is also significant. The conception of many posters (the Parisian exhibition of Burle Marx, the International Mail Art exhibition at the Kassak Museum of Budapest, Radio Tilos), as well as cassette jackets are linked to his name. An illustrated calendar with his electrographic works with a forward by Dr Laszlo Beke was published in 1993. His photographs and his texts have been published in numerous periodicals (Arnyekkötok, Laza lapok, Magyar Muhely, Foto, Fotomuveszet, Nagyvilag). In addition to his artistic activities he played from time to time in ethno-groups, as well as in rock and jazz groups. His career was broken off?following a long illness?13 October 2000. Previously presented in France at the Galerie Agnès b. alongside works by Lucien Hervé, his father, a one-man exhibition of his Polaroids that were taken mostly in Hungary was dedicated to him for the first time in Paris in 2008 at the gallery Les Douches. In 2015, the gallery presented a solo show : « Rodolf Hervé : On the Ground ».

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